I have always been a lover of classic  50’s Rock N Roll/Rockabilly

I have been in bands and performing my Billy Fury tribute


All over the country for the nearly twenty years.


I love all kinds of music Rock N Roll / Rockabilly / Country / Blues / 60’s / Ska  etc

I was lucky last year to go to New Orleons, Memphis

and Nashville and even record a cd at the grand old Opry


I have been fortunate to meet three great guys and

Brilliant musicians Alex (guitar)  Bob (double bass)

And Mike (drums) We have been rehearsing and have

put a couple of great sets together over the last few months

Hope to see you all out there in Rock N Roll Land

Rob Dee Singer with the band

Alex Lofink Guitar

Alex started playing guitar while in school and cut his teeth in local rock bands in and around Cardiff, most notably Persian Risk, playing alongside Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell.

Having given up playing for many years, Alex reconnected with guitar playing a few years ago and ran into rock and roll singer and well-known Billy Fury tribute act Rob Dee in 2015, playing alongside him in the Pontiacs, and then with Rock Til Ya Drop.


Alex’s influences are old school rock guitarists such as Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore, and Rock N Roll legends such as Buddy Holly and Brian Setzer

Mike Newport Drums

Mike has been playing drums for over 30 years.


He began with a quiff haircut and a gold Ludwig drum kit,but has now succumbed to baldness and a red Gretsch drum kit.

Mike has been in a multitude of Rock and Roll bands over the years.Mikes first rockabilly band was Thee Ray gunns.

This was shortly followed by the touring band Raw Deal

Mikes influences are early 50s 60s Rock and Roll and Punk



The adventure is now continuing with Rock til you Drop

My Dad played electric and double upright bass


In the 1970’s, West country Rock N Roll band

 ‘Crepes N Drapes’ and at times they even rehearsed

At our house.

I was taken to gigs from an early age

Maybe it was fate that I would play bass in a tight Rocking band

What a pleasure to be playing with this band ‘Rock Til Ya Drop’

American and British Rock N Roll classic songs which continue to get everyone up on their feet,

songs that have been familiar with me Since childhood.

Bob Pride Double Bass